More than twenty years of experience

Gheller Srl is a construction company based in Veneto operating nationwide since more than twenty years ago.
It was founded and developed as a benchmark for consolidation works, slopes and rock faces reclamation and any kind of restoration. Thanks to the use of the best materials combined with a high competence in interventions, it stands out from the market for the supply and the positioning of rockfall and avalanche barriers with a high energy absorption, simple or reinforced metallic nets, panels, etc. but also for the execution of road infrastructures.
After years of activity in the intervention sector, it spread its business area to the building/restoration and road sector.

The company’s “modus operandi” is based on few but essential focal points:

  • Flexibility and problem solving;
  • Prompt interventions;
  • Quality and perfectly executed works.

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Gheller srl

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Gheller works nationwide through the following branches:

North of Italy – Headquarter
Via Montegrappa, 7
36020 Solagna – VICENZA
P.IVA e Cod. Fiscale 02230600245
tel. 0424 558330 fax 0424 817780

Center of Italy – Operations Branch
Via della Croce Rossa, 181
67100 L’Aquila – L’AQUILA

Gheller Srl Via Montegrappa 7 Solagna (VI) - Italia tel. 0424 558330 P.IVA: 02230600245