Since the early Nineties the Gheller company has always worked on foundations and historic buildings, using state-of-the-art tools, a highly skilled staff and the technical support of important engineering studies; it carries out works for the restoration of structural static functionalities through a continuous research for new technologies and the implementation of composite-structural materials such as carbon fibres, steel and glass on special reconstruction works; it is strongly skilled on high seismic areas, renovations, construction and reclamation of civil and industrial buildings.
The company has always worked nationwide on renovation and reconstruction of a lot of historic buildings of national heritage.
Its goal is to satisfy with the help of its technical office every necessity, submitting efficient alternatives and structural improvements and always within the budget at disposal.
In the requalification of those buildings, it makes available the deep knowledge of the sector in order to reach an end that goes beyond the mere profit pursuit.
Aiming for the improvement of actual conditions, its efforts are oriented towards different goals, such as:

  • Artifacts renovation using state-of-the- art and not invasive technologies, without damaging the artwork;
  • Reconstruction using biocompatible materials for an energy saving.